Happy Harbour uses The Creative Curriculum as well as information and activities from our yearly workshops and trainings to enhance instruction in all of its classrooms.  Each classroom is designed for optimal learning experiences.  Research proves that young children learn best through play and active investigation of their world. Therefore, child initiated and directed, teacher-supported play is an essential part of Happy Harbour’s curriculum. This is all done in a setting where Christian values are encouraged and nurtured, inspiring a sense of confidence and self-worth as well as a foundation of respect for all.

For Two-year Olds, this curriculum is based on secure relationships in which the child develops trust and is free to explore and learn.  The Creative Curriculum for Three and Four-Year Olds has a firm foundation of theory and research and addresses academic content as well.  The Creative Curriculum is environmentally based in which the teacher plays a vital role in connecting content, teaching, and learning for preschool children. The curriculum follows developmentally appropriate practices for preschool education.

Child development can be divided into four areas:  Social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language.  These areas are integrated and should not be viewed in isolation when planning activities for the classroom.

As children indulge their natural inclinations to explore, investigate, and experiment through developmentally appropriate play, they acquire the fundamental concepts and capacities that allow them to effectively absorb from and adapt to the ever-changing environment around them for the rest of their lives.  Learning through developmentally appropriate play is key to optimal educational outcomes.

Because children learn at different ages and stages, we provide fresh, fun and exciting activities from our workshops and trainings to ensure our children have a solid educational and social foundation.  With new hands-on and interactive learning activities and outdoor experimental activities, we know our children enjoy all aspects of the learning process.  Happy Harbour will always strive to provide a program that enhances each child’s self-esteem and promotes their desire to make learning a life-long process.