Happy Harbour Early Childhood Program’s Registration

Our Early Fall 2023 -2024 Registration will open on January 23, 2023!   Please check back on that date to register online.  


In the meantime, and to save time… please read entire page for full information.   Thank you!   

4 steps in our streamlined Online Registration Process:  

1.  Take a moment to review our Programs Offered and Tuition Rates (button below – available Jan. 18th) to know your first choice for placement.

2.  Complete the Registration for Enrollment (button below – available January 24th).  

3.  Download the Brightwheel App on your device.  Update your child’s profile, scroll through the profile and ensure populated information is correct; add contact information.  Call 281.538.1515 if having trouble with App.  

4.  Registration is not considered complete until the $200 Registration/Supply Fee is received.  Payment must be submitted via the Brightwheel App.  Once the Brightwheel App is downloaded, you will enter your payment information, and submit the $200 Registration/Supply Fee* via the Brightwheel App.   Important Note:  We also collect the advanced May 2024 payment—this payment will be due on/or before May 15, 2023, this year.   

*Note:  If your child is enrolled in our school, your $200 Registration/Supply Fee is non-refundable.    

*Note:  If your child is placed on the “Waitlist”, your $200 Registration/Supply Fee will not be deposited.  


Deadline to get your Early Registration for Currently Enrolled Families is February 6th.  

Deadline for Early Registration for church members is February 12th. 

Deadline for Early Registration for New Families in our Community is February 14th


Due May-August:   State Licensing requires a Dr. Authorization Form on file.  Please click above “button” and print out form and take to your child’s well check.  This can only be submitted between May and August and is needed to attend school.  You will also need to provide copies of updated immunizations and drivers licenses.  All of these required documents will be returned to us by uploading them in the Brightwheel App over the summer months.