Operational Structure

Happy Harbour Early Childhood Program is a non-profit organization operated by the Happy Harbour Executive Board of Directors. The Executive Board of Directors has final authority over all aspects of the program, unless a decision directly affects Bay Harbour United Methodist Church (BHUMC).  Happy Harbour is a ministry of BHUMC, and as such, spiritual growth is a key component of the goals for all children and staff.  Christian beliefs will be expressed to the children, as well as the importance of faith and trust in God.  Chapel will be held weekly, and education in the classrooms will include prayer before meals, Bible verses, and Christian songs.
Happy Harbour Early Childhood Program is licensed by the Texas Health and Human Services (THHS), and follows the Minimum Standard Rules developed by THHS.  Happy Harbour ensures the program is operating according to these high standards with the use of annual inspections, continually updating record-keeping, and monitoring safety practices.